Bike Utah
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Bike Utah is educating bicycle users and motorists about how to travel more safely and educating the general public on using a bicycle to meet their transportation needs

Bicycle Laws
In partnership with UDOT’s Road Respect program, we have made Utah’s bicycle laws available on our website. We also have a pocket guide available. Please contact us if you would like some copies of the pocket bicycle laws.

Safe Cyclist Program
The Safe Cyclist Program is a comprehensive bicycle safety education curriculum designed for adults. The workshop offers the basics of why an active lifestyle is so important, an outline of Utah state bicycle laws, state bicycle street markings, basic bike maintenance tips, an overview of equipment, and suggestions on bicycle routes.

Road Respect
Each summer, Bike Utah partners with UDOT, the Department of Public Safety, Utah Highway Patrol, and Zero Fatalities to promote positive interactions between motorists and bicycle users. The public is welcome to participate in this tour. More information can be found on the Road Respect website.

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